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A&A Computers Shifnal, offer local laptop overheating repair - laptop overheating - UK cooling fan repair services.

Please note; if your laptop is overheating, this will almost certainly be due to a faulty laptop cooling fan or the laptop cooling vents and - or the laptop cooling fan being blocked.

We can help via our local laptop cooling fan replacement service.

Simply bring the faulty laptop (with power supply) to us in Telford, or request collection if you are in Shifnal.

Shifnal laptop cooling fan repairs typically take 24 hours. this is because the repair process involves stripping the laptop, removing the laptop motherboard, cleaning all connections, cleaning the laptop cooling vents, replacing the  CPU "radiator", replacing the old heat transfer compound with new high quality heat transfer compound and replacing the laptop cooling fan with a new high  quality unit.

We thoroughly clean all connectors, we remove any fluff which may be clogging the fan etc (this is very common) and we soak test all repaired systems.


Free Shifnal Faulty Laptop Fan Repair Collection

01952 793050

Please note that unlike others, we do not send Laptops away for Shifnal Laptop Fan Repair and all replacement Laptop Fans are installed in-house by qualified, highly experienced computer engineers.

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Does Not Apply to Apple Products

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