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A&A Computer Repairs can Erase Shifnal Hard Drive Data

A&A Computer Repairs can Destroy Hard Disk Drives

Please select Shifnal Business Data Destruction or Shifnal Home Computer Data Destruction

A&A Computer Repairs can Reinstall Windows

A&A Computer Repairs can Remove Viruses and Kill Malware

A&A Computer Repairs can Backup Data from your Hard Drive and then fully Reinstall Windows

A&A Computer Repairs can Transplant your Old Hard Drive into an External USB Caddy

A&A Computer Repairs can replace faulty power supplies

A&A Computer Repairs can diagnose and replace faulty components

+ Much More

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Shifnal Private Data Destruction

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Shifnal Business Data Destruction

Many years ago, a large (international) organisation had a problem with secret documents appearing in the public domain due to files being inadvertently swapped between 2 networks. My (Telford based) employers at that time were asked to devise a solution (which I did). My solution was simple and if devised and implemented earlier would have saved the organisation considerable embarrassment.

Data protection is not only essential, but today it is a legal obligation.

It is theoretically safe to erase a hard disk drive and reuse it by overwriting the contents by reinstalling Windows. However; for Telford business use we recommend that old drives should be destroyed. A&A Computer Repairs can erase data and then destroy a hard disk drive and all data so that any private information can never be accessed.

Hard Drive Destruction Process

1; Overwrite HDD with Zeros using professional software

2; Remove and destroy Circuit Board

3; Open and contaminate Hard Disk Drive

4; Destroy HDD Read - Write Stylus

5; Bend, pit and deeply scratch HDD (renders unreadable)

6; Crush HDD

Shifnal Hard Disk Drive data destruction certificate

Sample HDD Destruction Certificate

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The destroyed hard drives Brand, Model number, serial number etc is recorded, the drive is photographed and the client is provided with a signed certificate of destruction (in a filing sleeve).

Digital copies of photographs and certificates are also retained by us as an additional free service to clients.


Shifnal Home Computer Data Destruction

We feel that home users deserve the same high standard service as business clients.

For this reason we offer the same HDD Data Destruction service as stipulated above.

Alternatively; in many cases we can delete the home users hard drives and overwrite the contents with the correct hard drive image (as originally installed).

However; although more than adequate for most home computer users in Telford who may wish to sell or gift their computer but wish to ensure that their private data remains private. This Hard Disk Drive Data Destruction service is not recommended for Telford business clients or in cases where sensitive or highly confidential data is stored on the hard disk.

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